Black History Month: 'I am connected to the world by a multitude of threads'

Herbert Agyemang-Duah

Herbert Agyemang-Duah is a familiar face around the city of St Albans. - Credit: Matt Adams

St Albans BID ranger Herbert Agyemang-Duah has lived in St Albans for 27 years, having moved here from Ghana.

He is a regular figure around the city centre, helping stallholders on BID markets and generally keeping St Albans clean and tidy.

He said: "I have lived in several countries and was schooled across three continents. I spent 16 years in Kumasi in Ghana but travelled a lot.

"Initially I came from humble conditions; the stifling humidity,  the dystopian stench,  horrid conditions but there was always humour and humility though poverty was the norm.

"I could never love a particular country or caste of people over another. I am not into provincialism. Unlike the jingoist flag waver dangled by a few sturdy garbed ropes I am connected to the world by a multitude of threads."

Herbert said he loves being around people and the day-to-day energy of the city.

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