Black History Month: 'I take great pleasure in sharing my heritage with anyone who wants to learn more'

Jalisa Banton of Puppy Yoga

Jalisa Banton of Puppy Yoga - Credit: Jalisa Banton

Businesswoman Jalisa Banton, founder of wellbeing company Puppy Yoga, moved to London Colney five years ago with her partner and son and says she loves the community spirit in the village.

She set up her business after the birth of her second child in order to promote positive mental health and to offer a way to de-stress after a stressful day.

She runs classes where participants take part in yoga while also experiencing some cute fluffy puppy love..

She believes Black History Month is extremely important: "It is a time that allows me to reflect and embrace everything that has made me who I am.

"It gives me time to remember the struggles and strengths of my ancestors, providing me with confidence and pride to achieve.

"It is also an important time to support the contributions that black people have made to the infrastructure of the country, and thus encouraging tolerance."

Jalisa, who is also a qualified primary school teacher, said she is proud of who she is and everything that has shaped her journey.

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She added: "I take great pleasure in sharing my heritage with anyone who wants to learn more. I feel that it is very important on a personal level to understand where you come from as it helps to shape who you are and provides a sense of self-worth. 

"I would consider myself a strong, black woman and believe that this a benefit rather than a hinderance. Despite my strength, I do unfortunately often experience negative attitudes towards my race but feel that education is needed to further express how negative comments can impact the lives of others and to quash any misconceptions."

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