Rubbish left uncollected for weeks finally cleared after Herts Ad steps in

The communal bin store at Choristers Court, St Albans is overflowing with rotting rubbish bags blocking its entrance.

The communal bin store at Choristers Court, St Albans is overflowing with rotting rubbish bags blocking its entrance. - Credit: Nick Denney

Bursting bin bags left uncollected for weeks left residents at a block of Bricket Wood flats fuming with frustration.

The communal bin store at Choristers Court was overflowing with rotting rubbish bags blocking its entrance until the Herts Ad intervened.

We contacted St Albans district council about the ongoing waste problem, and it was finally resolved within a matter of hours.

Ahead of this action, Nick Denney, whose son lives on the property, said: "It is absolutely ridiculous. There have been no collections for three weeks now. This block consists of 25 flat most of which house young children who often play on the grass, yards away from this bin area. 

"A complete and utter disgrace. It's absolutely ridiculous. The bin men are also refusing to collect any rubbish bags that aren't inside the bins themselves, however there are two standard bins catering for 25 properties!"

"There is no way that even a single rubbish bag from one of each of these properties will fit inside the bins so there will inevitably be an overflow."

Head of community services for St Albans district council Joe Tavernier explained what they did to help: “The excess waste was cleared up by our contractor by a special collection shortly after it was reported to them.

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“Their regular refuse crews are instructed only to empty bins and not to clear up anything that has been dumped nearby. This is to protect their health and safety as well ensure they can meet their schedule.

“This is not the first time we have had to carry out a special collection at this bin shelter as there have been similar problems with side waste before.

“We have spoken to the housing association that owns the block and has responsibility to ensure the bin shelter is kept in good order.

“We’ve asked them to take action to prevent further problems including reminding tenants that they should only deposit rubbish in the bins and not fly-tip.”

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