Bike thief banned from Harpenden station

A PERSISTENT thief has been banned from entering cycle storage areas at any railway station in England and Wales after being originally spotted stealing a bike from Harpenden station.

Jamie Watson, 30, was banned for three years following a successful application for an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) by British Transport Police (BTP).

Watson was handed the ASBO after Central Herts Magistrates Court in St Albans heard that he was originally spotted in broad daylight by another passenger stealing a bike from Harpenden station.

During the investigation, it was discovered that he had also stolen a further four bikes from Harlington and Bedford stations in March this year.

Pc Tim Tubbs for BTP said that on March 30, Watson was seen and reported by a member of the public taking a bike from Harpenden station before catching a train heading towards London.

CCTV operators spotted him on the train and when he got to St Albans he was arrested by two officers. They searched his bag and found he was in possession of the locks that were broken off from the bike at Harpenden and a pair of bolt cutters. He was further arrested for going equipped to steal.

When Watson’s address in Borehamwood was searched, another bike was found which he admitted stealing from Bedford Station.

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Pc Tubbs said: “During interview, Watson admitted to stealing the bike at Harpenden and that he had noticed the member of the public but continued to steal the bike anyway.

“He also admitted that he had stolen a further three bikes from Bedford and one from Harlington and sold three of the bikes raising �420 in total.”

In court Watson pleaded guilty to five thefts and in addition to the ASBO he received an 18-week sentence suspended for two years, an unpaid work order of 80 hours, a supervision requirement and has to attend a probation service programme.

He was also ordered to pay �250 in compensation and �85 in costs.