Beauty salons finally set to open - ‘Why has it taken so long?’ ask St Albans owners

Beauty salons will be re-opening from Monday, the Government has announced. Picture: Getty Images/iS

Beauty salons will be re-opening from Monday, the Government has announced. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

You might not be the only one wondering why beauty salons were held back from reopening when every other type of business had the green light from Boris. I might have had a slight eyebrow mishap involving a pair of scissors.

The phased opening of different businesses saw the return of golf clubs, shops, then restaurants and hair salons yet a date for beauty salons to open up again was only yesterday announced as next Monday by Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

The feeling seems to be that the government has discredited the industry, caused unnecessary financial hardship and psychological strain on professionals by delaying their re-opening date.

Self-employed massage and beauty therapist Nadya Giffen said: “What I found extraordinarily unfair is that osteopaths and acupuncturists were allowed back to work, yet not us, even though we work in the same clinical setting.

“It is safe to treat as we would be wearing the same PPE kit as hairdressers and osteopaths.

“Not being able to work has put me under great financial pressure.”

Sally-Ann at Eve and Adam was also frustrated by the issue. She said that they were not alone in their surprise at not being included in the re-opening on July 4.

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The largest authoritative voice of the industry - The NHBF - was shocked at the lack of inclusion and, along with other federations had been lobbying Parliament, she added.

“The frustrating thing is, as therapists we have always adhered to very high hygiene and safety standards compared to other industries. While we can appreciate the concern of face to face contact, our business operates in a controlled one-to-one environment with full PPE , which is far more accountable and safe than any pub, especially after their clients have had a few drinks and social distancing relaxes.

“It beggars belief - we are being viewed as an industry that just offers enhancements but we are so much more than that. We help boost confidence and self esteem.”

Beauty therapist and owner of The Treatment Room Alex Luwero shares the same frustration.

She said: “Lockdown has been frustrating for me and my clients.

“I am self employed and was not elegible for any kind of loan with my business being so new so I have had a complete loss of earnings.

“The worst part has been the lack of communication from our government.

“I feel very much out on my own.”

Alex does facials, body treatments such as nails, waxing, massage and could not book any appointments while waiting for a re-opening date to be set.

Alex added: “How can it be safe to allow intoxicated people to socially distance themselves in busy pubs but salon owners struggling with a complete lack of income cannot serve their clients with PPE?”