Beauty of Butterfly World in St Albans captured in drone aerial photographs

Aerial photos of Butterfly World in St Albans, taken by SkyPhocal

Aerial photos of Butterfly World in St Albans, taken by SkyPhocal - Credit: SkyPhocal

An aerial photography firm was among the last to capture Butterfly World on film before its closure.

Ben Hughes, who runs SkyPhocal in St Albans, contacted the Herts Advertiser after reading that the sanctuary’s owner was shutting it down.

He said the firm, which has put the footage on YouTube, used a remote controlled drone to capture footage of the attraction in Chiswell Green at the end of September, “unaware that it was its final days.

“It’s a terrible shame as it’s such a unique and magical place.”

Ben said that the firm normally took agricultural shots, taking aerial footage to help solve problems, and was licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

He added: “We didn’t know Butterfly World was in the position they were in – we saw the place and were captivated by it, as it is so unusual to have anything like that on such an expansive piece of land.

“I hope they are able to keep it as Butterfly World is so unique, anywhere in the world. It’s a piece of history, which could disappear.”

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