Battle over Green Belt between Park Street and St Albans

Green Belt off Old Orchard

Green Belt off Old Orchard - Credit: Archant

A battle to prevent the destruction of the rural gap between Park Street and St Albans is at the heart of the only e-petition currently running on the district council’s website.

And although it voices concerns about the release of any Green Belt land located in the triangle between Tippendell Lane, the A405 and Watling Street, it also calls on the council to resist the “persistent assault by developers to build on other Green Belt land throughout the district”.

The issue has been prompted by a planning application to build 10 houses on Green Belt land off Old Orchard in Park Street on the Tippendell Lane triangle.

Currently a copse and open fields, the land separates Park Street village from St Albans and in the past, it has been protected by planners because it provides rural separation between the two.

Paul King, of Old Orchard, who is leading the campaign against the development and is the author of the petition, said: “This is an opportunity for everybody to show how fed up they are of the continual attack on Green Belt land by developers and land owners whose only motivation is to make money, ignoring the needs and wishes of the community.

“You can show your disapproval without getting out of your chair.”

The 10-house planning application has been ‘called in’ for consideration by committee by local councillor Aislinn Lee because of its Green Belt implications.

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The petition runs until the end of March and the aim is for it to be presented at a full council meeting on April 2. If it attracts 500 signatures, it will trigger a debate at the meeting.

Further details can be obtained from Paul on

More than a hundred local residents have signed an e-petition set up on the county council website voicing concerns about speeding and the number of accidents which occur in Tippendell Lane at and before the junction with Penn Road. The petition, which will be submitted in May, calls for a speed camera or some other deterrent to be installed.