Banners banned on Harpenden High Street

AN ADVERTISING banner has been banned in Harpenden after a structural engineer warned against suspending the signage across the High Street because of fears that wall fixings are not “robust enough” to take the weight.

Harpenden Town Council is investigating the problem and seeking a second opinion after the engineer advised that following recent tests of the wall fixings, pole and wire for the Christmas catenary across the High Street, “the fixings were not secure enough and that new fixings might be necessary [to support the banner].”

Town Clerk John Bagshaw said: “This was the opinion of one structural engineer and it would be appropriate to approach the company who installed the column and fixings in the first instance and see further assessments from other structural engineers.”

In the meantime, Mr Bagshaw said he had instructed council staff “to inform organisations that normally expect to use the banner for advertising this would not be possible until the situation has been satisfactorily resolved.”

The banner stretches across the A1081, between Barclays Bank and the Common, and usually advertises local events such as the Harpenden Highland Gathering, rugby club fixtures and operatic society performances at Harpenden public halls.

Mr Bagshaw explained that the structural engineer advised council the wall fixings, pole and wire supporting the Christmas lights were unable to also cope with the weight of the advertising banner.

He added: “So we need to get that verified – whether it is safe or not.”