Asthma inhaler plea to St Albans schools after son’s death

Alex Curtis

Alex Curtis - Credit: Archant

Schools throughout St Albans have been urged to have emergency asthma inhalers available, as they could save pupils’ lives.

Peter Curtis, whose teenage son died in 2007 from a severe asthma attack, is worried that despite recent changes in the law that now allows schools to have generic inhalers, they have been slow to introduce them.

His son Alex was a pupil at Nicholas Breakspear School in St Albans when he died at the age of 17 after suffering an acute attack.

Peter said: “The change in law will mean nothing unless schools are made aware of this. It is a voluntary scheme and each school has to decide whether to take advantage of this or not.”

He founded the Alex Curtis Memorial Trust in his son’s memory to promote asthma awareness in schools by talking to pupils and staff.

Peter said that the trust was happy to help with queries about introducing vital emergency inhalers.

He added: “We have visited 60 schools throughout the county, and were expecting more to be interested in having the inhalers but it has been quite a struggle.”

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