Aspiring actors urged to audition for St Albans short film

Katie Hogan won the Kubrick Prize for Fiction

Katie Hogan won the Kubrick Prize for Fiction - Credit: Archant

Aspiring actors have the opportunity to audition for a short movie filmed by a young St Albans director.

Emily Attwood has bagged awards at The Adders Youth Film Festival

Emily Attwood has bagged awards at The Adders Youth Film Festival - Credit: Archant

Raar! Films team, St Albans resident Emily Attwood, 27, and her co-director, Katie Hogan, are filming their 10minute tragic love story at The Odyssey.

Late Night at the Movies is about an assassin who finds solace in going to the late night cinema. There, she meets her client’s messenger - they love each other, but they cannot be together because of her profession.

The two directors, both graduates in film and TV production from the University of Hertfordshire, are looking for people of all ages to be members of the background public in the movie.

Emily said: “We are so excited, we have been trying to do this for a long time now and we are now getting it in motion.

“It has been a long time coming, we have just been getting our cast together.

“It’s been quite stressful because we want it to be perfect.”

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The film idea was originally a short story written by Katie, and has been adapted for the screen. She said the idea came to her at 2am “after writing all night”, and when she was “running out of steam”.

Although Katie has won the Kubrick Prize for Fiction and Emily has bagged awards at The Adders Youth Film Festival, this is the first project they have worked on by themselves.

They have already crowdfunded money for hiring equipment and catering for the actors - and have thanked The Odyssey for letting them use the art deco space: “They are really nice there at The Odyssey.”

It is described as film noir: “We want it to be timeless, like the love and violence they experience. Costumes will be an assortment of 20s, 50s, 80s and 90s clothing, mixing the dirty desperation of that period with elegance and boldness.

“The style is to keep the time of this story ambiguous and not the focus of the film.”

It is hoped the finished product can be submitted to competitions and included in their show reel, and they are particularly interested in giving exposure to women, bringing them to the forefront of new filmmaking.

Emily has also worked on zombie short films in St Albans.

Shooting will take place on August 25 - contact Emily on