Arsene Wenger disputes Times article on Arsenal contract extension in London Colney

Arsène Wenger at Arsenal's training grounds in London Colney

Arsène Wenger at Arsenal's training grounds in London Colney - Credit: Archant

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has put the boot into claims in The Times that he is set to be offered a new contract by the club.

Speaking to reporters at today’s (Friday) press conference at the Gunners’ training grounds in London Colney, the fired-up Wenger refuted the recent article, and suggested the paper should have checked its facts before publishing the story.

The article, which said another two-year extension was on the cards for the Frenchman, follows calls from fed-up Arsenal fans for him to be shown the door.

Wenger said: “That is completely wrong. I don’t know where that information came from.

“Treat that as an invention – it is absolutely false.”

He suggested that any reporters curious about any such contract extension in future should take the time to call Arsenal’s press staff, “as they would have told them”.

Wenger went on to say: “I haven’t decided privately what I will do beyond the next season.”

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Arsenal’s boss said that after that period, “I will see where I am personally, and where the club finishes at the end of the contract.”

However, he repeated his commitment to the club, despite the Gunners’ “disappointing season”.

Wenger also paid tribute to this season’s star football club, Premier League champions Leicester City, saying they had demonstrated more consistency than any other team.

He added: “They have been remarkable and I congratulate them.”