Arsenal star Jack Wilshere visits Harpenden school

Jack Wilshere coaches the reception children

Jack Wilshere coaches the reception children - Credit: Archant

Just one day after helping to seal a victory for Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League, Jack Wilshere was back on the field teaching Harpenden youngsters key footie skills.

Jack Wilshere shares a joke with one of the children

Jack Wilshere shares a joke with one of the children - Credit: Archant

Looking relaxed after his two-goal haul against Marseille, the Arsenal star was joking with four and five year olds at Harpenden Free School, Dunstable Road in Redbourn on Wednesday (27).

Joined by the team’s masseur Kieran Hunt, the pair had the possible future football stars stretching and playing the likes of “spiders and bugs,” kicking footballs through each other’s legs.

Jack, proud father to son Archie and daughter Delilah, won praise from parents and staff.

Reception teacher Melissa Morris said: “This doesn’t happen every day! I think it’s great he is giving up his time to come in and see the reception children. They have all been excited about the visit.”

School helper Charlotte Halkett added: “My son asked me whether footballers eat icecream. He was wondering about that all morning as we were talking about eating healthy food.”

On the field, Jack switched from his normal role as attacking midfielder to coaching.

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When one girl asked him where to shoot, he replied: “Aim for the goal.”

And Kieran and Jack, both of Harpenden, got a thumbs-up from the youngsters, with one saying “they were fun; I liked them teaching us”.

Jack said: “I have got kids of my own, so I was looking forward to doing this today. There are some good players here.”

Arsenal faces a Premier League clash with Cardiff City tomorrow (30).