Arsenal press conference in London Colney told: “we want to fight”

London Colney: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke at a pre-match press conference ahead of Arsenal'

London Colney: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke at a pre-match press conference ahead of Arsenal's Premier League game against Hull City (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images) - Credit: Getty Images

There was a humorous moment during this morning’s (Friday) pre-match press conference in London Colney ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League clash against Everton.

As Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger, looking sombre in front of the gathered press who had descended upon the outskirts of St Albans, spoke of the impending match, a cameraman tried in vain to crawl out of range to fiddle with troublesome wires on the desk.

A serious-looking Arsene, and the rest of the room, erupted into laughter as the hapless cameraman gave up trying to remain hidden from the nation’s lenses, and opted for practicality instead, fixing the glitch right in front of Arsenal’s boss.

Arsene joked: “Danger can come from anywhere.”

The cameraman explained later to the Herts Advertiser that he was getting feedback from someone’s wireless connection.

Arsene told sports reporters that this Sunday’s squad, “should be stable compared to what it was against Manchester City”.

In terms for the battle for fourth place, Arsene said: “We are looking in front of us.

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“Everton is a good side; that is why they are where they are.

“It could be a very interesting game on Sunday.”

Arsene added: “The target is to finish as high as possible. It depends on the results of the other teams.”

He still believed the team could do better than fourth place.

In response to questions about the impact of Aaron Ramsey being out since Christmas, Arsene said it was, “difficult to measure the effect of him being out.”

Prodded on team morale, the Gunners’ boss said: “I think we have turned the corner. We have not given up, we want to fight.”

With Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott still out with injuries, Arsene admitted: “The injuries don’t help. But you don’t want to look for excuses.”

He was then quizzed about Everton boss Roberto Martinez, with a reporter saying that he was being touted as a possible replacement for Arsene.

The Gunners’ boss replied: “It isn’t my job to choose who takes my job when I leave.”

Prior to the press conference Arsenal’s statistician looked at one of the club’s longest-running rivalries.

He said that should the Gunners triumph at Goodison Park this weekend, Everton would become the first team beaten 100 times by Arsenal in all competitions.

It is the 202nd meeting between the sides, and so far Arsenal has won 99 to Everton’s 58.

Arsenal has beaten Everton 26 times so far – more Premier League victories than they have managed against any other team.

It is hard to believe that nearly two months ago the Toffees had to postpone a match because of storm damage to buildings.

But Everton is, according to social media, fully prepared for a strong show from Arsenal this weekend.

Speaking at a pre-Arsenal press conference this week, Roberto described Sunday’s match as a “significant game” and that playing at home was “something we can embrace”.

He said: “When you’re playing Arsenal, you need to be perfect. And there’s nothing better to help that than playing at home.

Roberto also praised the Gunners for “just getting on with things”, adding that they have “real style in the way they play the games”.

• Arsenal play Everton at Goodison Park, Sunday April 6, 1.30pm.