Aquarium opens soon at Whispsnade Zoo

Black ghost knife fish

Black ghost knife fish - Credit: Archant

Whipsnade Zoo opens an aquarium dedicated to conserving the world’s most endangered fish next month.

The aquarium is the first of its kind in the country and visitors will see some of the most rare and unusual fish.

The opening is on Friday, July 26.

There are fish that have evolved to no longer need eyes, fish that can live out of water as well as fish that can jump out of water to pluck fruit from trees.

Not only are some of the fish extinct in the wild but for some, this aquarium is one of the only places, globally, that they can be viewed. Visitors to the aquarium can also come face-to-face with an endangered Chinese crocodile lizard and Mexican red-kneed tarantulas. Aquarium team leader Alex Cliffe said: "It will be an incredibly vibrant, colourful, sensory experience."

Entry is included in the zoo ticket price.

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