Apprentice hopeful Luisa enjoys second week’s victory

Luisa Zissman with fellow contestants Jason Leech and Jordan Poulton - (C) Boundless - Photographer:

Luisa Zissman with fellow contestants Jason Leech and Jordan Poulton - (C) Boundless - Photographer: screen grab - Credit: BBC/Boundless

ST ALBANS businesswoman Luisa Zissman has escaped hearing the immortal words “You’re fired!” for another week after she held onto her place in The Apprentice tonight.

It was an early start for the contestants who were woken at 4.30am to news they were flying to Dubai for this week’s task.

Testing that they can do business anywhere in the world, Lord Sugar asked them to track down a list of eight items, including a UAE flag, Arabic coffee pot and frankincense crystals, which were required for the opening of a new multi-million pound hotel.

Off in search of a bargain at Dubai Mall, Luisa’s sub-team thought they could cut corners by purchasing all the goods under one roof rather than shopping around.

But aide Karren Brady was not so convinced: “They’re being very slow. This is a one day task and by 9pm tonight they’ve got to have these items delivered to the hotel manager. No excuses for being late.”

Problems with the manufacture of a flag caused major delays for her teammates, and they also came unstuck when they mistook one of the items, an Egyptian Mahogany Oud, for Arabic perfume instead of a musical instrument. But all was not lost as in the nick of time a shopkeeper put them on the right track and they eventually found the elusive item.

It was quickly back to reality for the 12 hopefuls, when they came in front of Lord Sugar once again and braced themselves to hear the results.

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Luisa’s team sourced six items costing £311.54 but incurred fines for failing to get the other two which brought their costs to £695.16.

But team Endeavour only found four products and bought the wrong type of Kandura, which meant their costs came in at £90 more than their rivals.

With a second win in a row under her belt, Luisa and her colleagues were sent to sip cocktails in a new bar, while Zee was the latest boardroom casualty.