Apprentice cupcake queen Luisa lives to fight another day

Luisa Zissman (right) with teammates Sophie Lau and Natalie Panayi - (C) Boundless - Photographer: s

Luisa Zissman (right) with teammates Sophie Lau and Natalie Panayi - (C) Boundless - Photographer: screen grab - Credit: BBC/Boundless

TWELVE Apprentice wannabes now stand between Luisa Zissman and Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment after she made it through to the fourth round of the reality show tonight.

Episode three saw the 25-year-old from St Albans and her all-female teammates put their business brains together to come up with an innovative piece of flat-pack furniture.

Team Evolve quickly wiped away the disappointment of their previous two defeats and got to work on designing a portable storage unit that doubled up as a tray and stool.

After initial market research suggested the unit have space underneath it for your feet, Luisa asked: “Why don’t they just buy a table? It’s a table they want.”

With appointments lined up with department stores John Lewis and Argos, it was down to the local cupcake entrepreneur to pitch their product and bag some orders.

Luisa took the lead and did her best to sell the product to the catalogue store. “We really believe this product will be a great fit for Argos,” she said.

Commenting on Luisa’s sales technique aide Karren Brady said: “It’s not the best looking product I have ever seen but actually the pitch is very convincing. They might just talk someone into stocking this product.”

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Despite her hard work, in the boardroom it emerged the girls had only stacked up 174 sales for ‘TideySidey’, in comparison to the victorious boys who secured over 3,000 for their creation.

Lord Sugar told the losers: “Ladies this is getting very disappointing. It doesn’t matter how good you pitch, your product sucks. It’s like going into war with a peashooter.”

But this did not signal the end of the road for Luisa who dodged the multi-millionaire’s wrath for another week, while Sophie was given the axe.