Drivers report rejected appeals on ‘unfair’ fines issued at St Albans City Station

St Albans City station car park. Upper levels closed due to snow.

St Albans City station car park. Upper levels closed due to snow. - Credit: Archant

Drivers are reporting that appeals for parking fines issued by St Albans City Station are being rejected – despite proof of payment.

An article published in the Herts Ad in February detailed the story of Sally Cartwright and her husband, who were fined £100 for parking in St Albans City Station car park - even though they had proof of payment on a bank statement.

At the time, a spokesperson from Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) said: "If the customer can show through the appeal process that they did pay the correct parking charge, the notice will be withdrawn."

However, more drivers have come forward to speak out about their appeals being rejected, despite evidence of payment.

Roger Francis, who lives in Park Street, was issued a fine after parking by the city station in December last year.

He can prove the parking charge was paid, but believes his appeal was rejected because he made a typo keying in his registration number: "I feel so incensed by their attitude, they are totally unco-operative all the way down the line.

"If there was an error it would have been keying in an O rather than a zero, but they can't prove anything conclusively to me."

Now in the hands of debt collectors, Roger is facing an ever-increasing payout: "The sum of money is going up all the time, it is now £200. There is no way I will pay that without a fight.

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"I think this is nothing more than a scam, picking up on vulnerable people who have made an accident and extorting money from them."

Nicola Bailey, of Chiswell Green, is also fighting a fine after her daughter accidentally paid using the registration of a former car.

Immediately emailing and receiving an automated response, Nicola has also had her appeal rejected - despite presenting a receipt.

She said: "They are not out of a parking fee, they have had the money for the car. I am feeling quite stressed about it because I don't want it hanging over me. I would like to get it sorted as soon as I can."

A spokesman for GTR said evidence of Nicola's payment has been given to the ombudsman. On Roger's case, he said: "Mr Francis appealed to our debt management company, providing evidence of a £2.70 payment. However, no payment could be matched to his vehicle or to any similar registration number, so his appeal was rejected."

He said Roger did not pay the correct tariff.