Ant and Dec join Spurs to support ‘feeling nuts’ campaign founded by St Albans brothers

The #FeelingNuts campaign to warn men about testicular cancer has been founded by two sets of brothe

The #FeelingNuts campaign to warn men about testicular cancer has been founded by two sets of brothers, including Andrew and Simon Salter (2nd and 3rd from left). - Credit: Photo supplied

Television presenters Ant and Dec have joined a plethora of celebrities throwing their weight behind a lifesaving cancer campaign launched by two local brothers which has gone global.

The #FeelingNuts campaign to warn men about testicular cancer has been supported by Tottenham Hotspu

The #FeelingNuts campaign to warn men about testicular cancer has been supported by Tottenham Hotspur. Photo courtesy of @SpursOfficial - Credit: @SpursOfficial

Simon and Andrew Salter, of Colney Heath, were inspired to found Check One Two with another set of brothers, Simon and Phil Tucker, after listening to a presentation by local mum, Wendy Gough, whose son Matthew died of testicular cancer at the age of 19.

Matthew had ignored the signs for six to seven weeks, which cost him his life. Testicular cancer, if caught early, is 100 per cent curable.

Wendy set up the Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation, giving talks to over 220 schools annually as well as clubs, companies and army bases to encourage men to check with their doctor if they notice any changes.

After Andrew, now 25, heard Wendy at Verulam School and Simon, 31, heard her speak at Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet, the brothers set about spreading the message.

Check One Two is described as a movement dedicated to changing the behaviour of a generation of men.

The campaign has gone viral thanks to social media with footballers and celebrities such as Hugh Jackman using the hashtag #feelingnuts accompanied by a humorous photo of themselves checking their crotches, to spread the message.

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The brothers’ website features a cartoon video voiced by Ant and Dec, urging viewers to not “let testicular cancer take your crown jewels”.

They appear as a pair of animated testicles.

Also, on October 24 Channel 4 is showing “Feeling Nuts”, a comedy show hosted by Jack Whitehall and celebrity friends aimed at increasing understanding of the risks of testicular cancer.

Wendy praised Simon and Andrew, describing the brothers as “charismatic”.

Their campaign has already been seen over 153 million times on Twitter and Instagram alone.

Wendy added: “They don’t take no for an answer. Sometimes people think Simon is Simon Cowell phoning them – they have the cheek of the devil, and to have a television show organised is amazing.”

Simon said: “No one is doing what Wendy is doing, she has saved so many lives. We are just helping to get the message across to look after your health, and because many people have a son or a brother, it has struck a chord.”

He said that using humour to get the message across had considerably helped the campaign.

Simon praised stars who are backing the message, saying, “There has been a plethora of celebrities helping to communicate it; they are really kind people.”

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