Another St Albans council boss to leave this summer

St Albans District Council. Credit: Krishan Bhungar.

St Albans District Council. Credit: Krishan Bhungar. - Credit: Archant

One of the head honchos of St Albans council is retiring after a 30-year career in public service.

Mike Lovelady by Pete Stevens

Mike Lovelady by Pete Stevens - Credit: Pete Stevens

Mike Lovelady, the head of legal, democratic and regulatory services, will take flexible retirement from Friday, June 30.

Chief executive James Blake, who is leaving in July, said: “Mike is an outstanding public servant, who has made a huge contribution to the life of St Albans city and district during his 29 years’ service to the council.

“He has now reached retirement age after accumulating many different roles during his time here.

“Someone of his stature and experience cannot be replaced easily, and I am delighted to say he has agreed to take flexible retirement for a period while we adjust to his departure.

“Mike will remain as the returning officer and electoral registration officer for up to two years while he mentors a successor.

“He will also continue as monitoring officer, ensuring that all council activities are lawful, and in line with the council’s constitution.”

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Mr Lovelady, who along with Mr Blake earns over £100,000 per year, leaves the council without one of its chief operators, having been responsible for big-ticket issues such as fly-tipping, elections, and parking charges.

Plans are now afoot to slice up his mega-department.

The legal and land changes offices will be passed to the finance department.

Responsibility for electoral and democratic services will go to the corporate services department.

Regulatory services, including food safety, will go to the community services department, which also handles the council’s sports facilities and the market.

The changes, according to the council, will be cost neutral - meaning they will save as much money as they spend.

Mr Blake said: “I am pleased to say we have seconded Charles Turner, currently the council’s legal services manager, to a new post as solicitor to the council.

“Charles will be the council’s most senior legal adviser and deputy monitoring officer.

“This will provide continuity and stability in a key part of the council’s operations.

“On a personal note, I am particularly grateful to the invaluable support Mike has given to me during my four-and-a-half years as chief executive.

“His calm head, wise advice, and good humour has always helped me whenever we’ve faced a tricky problem or needed to make a difficult decision.”