Another blaze at St Albans garages

A THIRD fire broke out on an estate in St Albans on Tuesday night.

The garage fire on Carnegie Drive on the New Greens estate follows separate incidents at the weekend which saw the steps of a house on Woollam Crescent set alight and a car burnt out on Green Lane.

Firefighters attended the garage fire on Tuesday at around 10.30pm. They described the contents of the garage as largely food items in storage and said there were no power sources that could have started the fire.

They and the police said they did not think the incident was arson but incidents at the weekend were being investigated as such.

The house on Woollam Crescent had its front steps set alight. Firefighters were able to prevent further damage to the interior of the property and alerted the police to the attempted arson attack. Moments after this incident on Sunday night they were called to the car fire on Green Lane which is being treated as attempted arson.

A police spokesperson said the two fires on Sunday were being investigated as separate incidents.