Alleged dog snatchers spotted by professional walkers in St Albans

Dog walking

Dog walking - Credit: Archant

Alleged dog snatchers have been spotted operating in St Albans.

At about midday on Monday, walkers for Verulam Pet Services were just finishing with five dogs around Batchwood Park when a car drove up.

While one man stayed inside the vehicle with the engine running, another got out and tried to coax some of the dogs to him.

Co-owner of the business, Claire Trulock, said it was thanks to the vigilance of her employees that all the pets were safe.

She said: “It looked like it could have been a snatch, grab, and run job.

“It is actually quite scary, but we are very vigilant, as every dog walking company is. It’s worrying for people walking dogs on their own - especially as people get distracted on their phone or daydreaming.”

The professional walkers herded the pooches back to safety, and stayed around to warn others of the danger.

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Claire advised walkers to stay alert to dog thieves, especially when the dog is not on a lead.

Herts police are investigating reports of two men acting suspiciously in Batchwood Drive.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting ISR 341 of May 14.