St Albans gives possible Aldi supermarket at Griffiths Way a thumbs up

The Aldi in Welwyn Garden City. Picture Danny Loo.

The Aldi in Welwyn Garden City. Picture Danny Loo. - Credit: Picture: Danny Loo

Social media users have given the possibility of a new Aldi in St Albans an overwhelming thumbs up.

This week the Herts Advertiser reported developers Consolidated Property Group were seeking extra permission relating to an application to build retail units, including a discount food store, at the former British Gas site on Griffiths Way, with Aldi named as one of the principal occupiers. We asked Facebook whether they would like to see an Aldi in St Albans and the response has been both mostly positive.Valerie King of St Albans said: “About time. We definitely want an Aldi in St Albans - it can’t come soon enough. I’d rather have an Aldi than a Sainsbury’s.”Dáma Lamont of St Albans said: “It’s a yes from me! No more trips to Hatfield. I don’t think we have enough supermarkets in that vicinity so another one (especially an Aldi) would be great!”Delia Muir said: “Oh yes as [otherwise you] have to go to Hemel. Also, a B&M would be great.”SuZe Camastra of St Albans said: “Yes more like this. We have too many wine bars and bistros and over-priced designer shops.”Consolidated Property Group has also listed Costa Coffee and B&Q as the other principal occupiers of the retail units.But not everyone was fully on board with the proposals.Val Langford of St Albans said: “Don’t mind a small Aldi, but we have so many supermarkets in St Albans - do we really need another? I’m very worried about car noise and pollution as it would be directly behind our house. “Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Co-op, Iceland, Tesco plus we have a great market twice a week - how much food do people need? But it’s a big NO to any more fast food outlets and coffee shops - bad for the environment and there’s already too much litter in that area.”Sarah Fuller of St Albans said: “No because of the traffic. St Stephen’s Hill and Watling Street are gridlocked so often now as it is. There are loads of supermarkets already in and around St Albans.”Kelly Field added: “There are two in Hemel and one right by Redbourn. Why do we need another?”To see and comment on the application, go to St Albans council’s website and search for 5/2018/2300. All comments must reach the council by September 26.