Airplane noise violation limits must remain in force at Luton Airport, says St Albans MP

A plane takes off from London Luton Airport

A plane takes off from London Luton Airport - Credit: Archant

Stringent noise violation limits imposed as part of an agreement to allow Luton Airport to nearly double passenger numbers must remain, according to the district council.

The airport has asked its owner, Luton borough council, to change a condition attached to the planning permission it granted in 2013, because it fears airlines will be penalised for failing to meet noise limits.

But at a St Albans district council (SADC) planning referrals meeting on Monday (24), councillors agreed to lodge an objection against the proposed variation of the condition with the Luton authority.

St Albans MP Anne Main wrote to SADC in support of its objection, saying that constituents had complained about increased plane noise.

She said: “It is clear that there is deep concern as to how this will impact upon local residents.

“We must maintain the current levels. It is important that residents can enjoy their gardens, their parks, or have peace in their homes without constant disruption overhead.

“Moreover, I have been contacted by residents who also believe the current levels are disruptive, and are calling for a more stringent approach to noise pollution.”

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After the meeting Mrs Main said that while she accepted “we need to have a well-connected economy and airports that serve St Albans, authorities must make every effort to mitigate the potential disruption that comes with planes flying overhead.

“I am arranging a meeting with representatives from Luton, NATS [the UK’s main air navigation service provider] and residents to ensure that constituents’ concerns are heard at a high level. We need to ensure everything possible is done so that noise levels are kept to a minimum.”