Adam Garcia backs Harpenden couple’s health drink

A COUPLE from Harpenden have developed an innovative immune health shot which has won the backing of actor and West End tap dancing star Adam Garcia.

Derek and Lucie Saunders spent 15 months developing the Mune product and poured their life savings into getting the idea off the ground.

The 100 per cent natural fruit-based product was launched at the Natural and Organic Products Europe trade show at Olympia where it was a finalist in the Best New Food Product category and it is now available in natural health food shops up and down the UK.

Derek said: “We were delighted to be a finalist in this year’s prestigious awards. We have spent the past 15 months carefully developing the shots and finding the right formulation in terms of taste, mouth-feel, intensity and efficacy.

“Mune is the only ready to drink, 100 per cent natural, daily immune boost on the market. We hope it will lead the establishment of the new ‘health shot’ drink category in the UK.”

Derek and Lucie were inspired to create the drink after drinking a Czech home remedy when they were living in Prague.

Lucie explained: “In Prague, people stave off colds by drinking a home remedy of lemon juice, honey and raw onions. It works well but is messy to make and doesn’t smell or taste very good.

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“We are all exposed to so many germs every day and we wanted to create a solution that would help to support our natural immune defences but would also taste delicious. We also wanted to develop a modern, convenient product which would fit with the busy lifestyles of health conscious consumers.

“Our children like to drink Mune in the morning before or with breakfast. They sometimes mix it with juice, but also love it on its own. The efficacy of Mune is in the cumulative effect of drinking it on an ongoing basis, as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

The health shots are being endorsed by Adam Garcia, who is currently a judge on Sky One’s popular Got to Dance show, and he said: “I am a huge believer in the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. I drink Mune to help keep me functioning at my very best. I need a strong immune system to give me the strength and endurance to do something very physical like tap dancing. It’s a great daily boost which I like to drink in that funny time of day between breakfast and lunch when you feel a bit peckish and want something healthy to top you up. It’s a good kick start to your immunity each day.”

Mune is now available to buy online at and retailers include Healthy and Wise in Harpenden.