Activist St Albans schoolgirl calls for playground improvements

Indiana Evans

Indiana Evans - Credit: Archant

A bright 11-year-old is getting a head start in her political career by pushing a parish council for better play equipment.

Indiana Evans

Indiana Evans - Credit: Archant

Indiana May Evans sent a strongly worded letter to Colney Heath Parish Council (CHPC) after she moved to the area from London Colney in May and was dismayed to find the public amenities lacking in comparison.

The campaigning youngster is also fundraising money to renovate the park.

She described Colney Heath’s Roestock Park as disgusting, rusty, boring, uncared for, and overgrown, and called youngsters living in the village the “forgotten children”.

The letter read: “My first anger is the fact that our parents pay our taxes and get little in return.

A swing in Colney Heath’s Roestock Park

A swing in Colney Heath’s Roestock Park - Credit: Archant

“Other villages - such as London Colney - do the exact same, however they seem to receive investment in their village for their children. Their parks are just about 100 times better.”

Adding: “It’s important that as we’re getting older, we have the opportunity to learn independence. We need to be able to go to safe places, walking distance from our homes, that helps us learn these skills and keeps us happy.”

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CHPC responded by confirming that parks are discussed at every meeting: “There are other plans being made for the park and there is soon to be a public meeting to show the plans, but I am sure the councillors would like to tell you all about those either when you come to the meeting or in a letter which I will make sure you receive as soon as after the next full council meeting as possible.

“I would like to thank you again for taking the time to write to the CHPC, your interest and desire for a better parish is admirable and please be reassured that the parish council is doing all it can to make the whole parish better for all parishioners.”

Indiana’s motivation to address this issue was spurred on by a letter from Prime Minister Theresa May, encouraging her to get involved in local issues as a first step into politics.

Indiana explained why she wanted the PM’s job: “It’s so many things, because everyone is getting mad at each other, everyone is against each other, everyone has something wrong, and everyone is a victim - and I want that to stop because it’s making the UK a bad place.”

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