A taste of Bollywood comes to St Albans’ Verulam Golf Club

Willie Custance et al at Verulam Golf Club

Willie Custance et al at Verulam Golf Club - Credit: Archant

Indian-born Willie Custance chose to honour her home country when she was ‘driven in’ as ladies captain of a St Albans golf club.

To mark her appointment at Verulam Golf Club, home of the Ryder Cup, she dressed in full Indian attire and was driven to the club by her husband Neville who was dressed as a maharajah, complete with a royal turban.

Continuing the theme, the car was decorated with ribbons and bows in orange, white and green, which are the colours of the Indian flag.

Awaiting Willie’s arrival at the club were the lady golf members, all dressed with garlands and multi-coloured scarves in true Indian fashion.

The club was decorated with brightly coloured saris, bangles and Diwali lights and chicken curry one of the choices for the drive in meal.

Days earlier, John Rodford a local St. Albans’ resident, drove in as club captain with a lunch held at the club for members and guests.

Both John and Willie used a club belonging to Abe Mitchell for their drive ins. He was employed by Samuel Ryder as a personal instructor at the Verulam Golf Club and lived in Cunningham Avenue prior to his death in 1947.

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Twenty years earlier he was the model for the golfer on top of the Ryder Cup Trophy.