Roadworks around Methodist Church Hall are to be temporarily paused to enable voters easier access to the polling station ahead of tomorrow's General Election.

Voters in St Albans will join the rest of the country in going to the polls tomorrow, and good news has been provided for those who will be casting their ballot at the Marlborough Road polling station.

The current roadworks at the site are to be removed, with work temporarily put on hold to allow voters easier access to the site.

Polls will be open from 7am until 10pm tomorrow (Thursday) with voters in St Albans choosing who they want to be their MP for the next five years.

Voters must show photo ID at the polling station or risk being turned away.

The candidates in St Albans are: Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrat), Sophia Adams Bhatti (Labour), James Spencer (Conservative), John Dowdle (Reform UK), Simon Grover(Green), Dafydd Morriss (Heritage Party) and Stewart Satterly (Social Democratic Party).