Police have launched an investigation following a series of car thefts in the St Albans area.

The thefts all took place in the last fortnight, with officers attempting to trace those responsible.

It was reported that between 2.50am and 2.53am on Friday, June 14, a blue Audi RS3 had been taken from a driveway in Gurney Court Road.

Then, at around 1.30am on Friday, June 21, a black Mercedes AMG line vehicle was stolen from another driveway in the same road.

Police also received reports that between 9.10pm on Thursday, June 20 and 7.25am on Friday, June 21, a grey Hyundai Tucson was stolen from outside of an address in Russet Drive.

Following this, between 9am and 11am on Friday, June 21, it was reported that a black Porche Macan had disappeared from an address in Faircross Way.

Paul Caro from the St Albans Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We are aware of a spate of vehicle crime in the area in recent weeks and we are doing all we can to trace the individuals responsible as well as proactive policing to try and tackle the issue.

“I would like to remind the public of the importance of keeping your vehicle always secure. Especially, as we approach a period of nice weather, it is advised that your vehicle remains locked with your windows closed when it is unattended.

"We would encourage owners of keyless vehicles to use Faraday bags to ensure electronic signals are blocked and consider steering locks. I would also encourage the public to report suspicious behaviour on 101.”

More information on keeping your vehicle secure can be found on the Herts police website, by visiting https://www.herts.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/keeping-vehicles-safe/preventing-car-vehicle-theft/.