St Albans Parliamentary candidate Daisy Cooper stole Rishi Sunak's thunder on the campaign trail after she appeared to photobomb the Prime Minister on a visit to Henley-on-Thames.

Mr Sunak was being filmed talking to a group of voters when a boat led by Ms Cooper went by in the background, brandishing Liberal Democrat campaign material, with the PM seemingly entirely unaware of what was going on behind him.

She was in the area to talk to voters about sewage in rivers, a key area on which the Liberal Democrat deputy leader has criticised the government in recent months.

However, after spotting that something was going on at Henley's Leander Club, she commandeered a boat packed with placard waving activists for the bizarre stunt.

The Prime Minister responded, taking to X (formerly Twitter) to retort: "Classic Lib Dems, always selling voters down the river."

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The General Election is now just a month away and in St Albans Ms Cooper will be joined on the ballot paper by Sophia Bhatti (Labour), James Spencer (Conservatives), Simon Grover (Green Party) , Sam Woodruff (Reform UK) and Stewart Satterly (Social Democratic Party).

Nationally, Sunak will look to overturn a polling deficit when voters go to the polls on July 4 to decide whether he, or Labour's Sir Keir Starmer will be running the country for the next five years.