A petition has been launched calling for a ban on cyclists using the B651, between Wheathampstead and Sandridge.

The petition – which is running on the Hertfordshire County Council website – highlights the narrow nature and 60mph speed limit on the stretch of road.

It highlights the positioning of a cycle path alongside the road. And it suggests a ban on cycling on the road would "save lives".

The petition – which has been running since April 10 – has, so far, been signed by just one person.

It states: “B651 between Wheathampstead and Sandridge is a 60 miles an hours road, narrow with many blind corners.

“Parallel to the road there is a paved wide cycling path.

“However everyday cyclists decide to stay on the main road rather than use suitable cycling path, posing danger to drivers and themselves.

“The problem is even bigger during warm months.

“There have been many accidents on this road and banning cyclists and encouraging them to use cycling path will save lives.”

Anyone who lives or works in Hertfordshire can submit – or sign – a petition on the council’s website.

All petitions must relate to a matter over which the county council has control or for which it is responsible for.

The petition relating to cyclists on the B651 is due to run  until June 5.