The Mayor of St Albans took part in a traditional Beating the Bounds ceremony alongside around 80 residents.

Lead by Mayor Cllr Anthony Rowlands, the group took part in the event to walk 4.5 miles across the length of the city's historic boundaries.

The ancient service, dating back to 1327, started at the puddingstone in St Michael’s Village, with participants using willow wands to hit the ground.

The custom aims to share knowledge of the city's limits and enable citizens to assert their rights.

Herts Advertiser: Mayor Cllr Anthony Rowlands with residents at the Beating the Bounds ceremonyMayor Cllr Anthony Rowlands with residents at the Beating the Bounds ceremony (Image: St Albans District Council)

Joining group were Mayoress Annie Stevenson and Deputy Mayor Josie Madoc, alongside her husband Rhys.

Cllr Rowlands said: "Blessed by fine weather, the ancient Beating the Bounds ceremony along the medieval bounds of St Albans was a great success.


"Many thanks to all the noble citizens of St Albans and their four-legged friends who accompanied the Mayoral party.

"The bounds were duly beaten with willow wands at four points en route, prayers offered by the Mayor's Chaplain and a young volunteer repeatedly bumped - though gently.

"If you missed it, fear not: the next mayor will be walking the same route on Rogation Sunday in May 2025."