Hertsmere is among the best areas in the UK for quitting smoking, with new data revealing more than 40 per cent of the borough's population has given up cigarettes.

A new study by online vape retailer Vape Globe found an estimated 44,215 who had quit smoking in Hertsmere, which equates to 40.9 per cent of the borough's entire population (108,105).

Fenland in Cambridgeshire is the only area in the UK with a higher percentage, standing at 41.6 per cent.

"This data underscores how it’s important to not only have smoke-quitting programs at a national level but also locally, as people might be more incentivised in following them," said a Vape Global spokesperson. 

"Moreover, local authorities can demonstrate that targeted efforts can yield tangible results in reducing smoking rates and improving public health outcomes.

"The notable progress made by these communities serves as a beacon of hope for others, highlighting the potential for effective tobacco control measures to create healthier environments and empower individuals to live smoke-free lives."

The study comes as a landmark change in smoking laws look set to take place, with MPs backing plans to ban anyone born after 2009 from buying cigarettes.