Plans have been submitted for two five-bedroom homes to be constructed on Green Belt land in Shenley.

If accepted, the plans would see houses constructed on land at Shenley Grange, 43 London Road.

Both dwellings will have dedicated parking areas, with one featuring a triple garage.

Herts Advertiser: The proposed new homes in Shenley.The proposed new homes in Shenley. (Image: Warner / Hertsmere Borough Council)

The ground floor's of both properties would feature drawing rooms and dining halls, with one of the homes also including a swimming pool.

A planning statement reads: "The high-quality nature of the proposed dwellings has been previously accepted as being in keeping with the character of the surrounding area and were cited as ‘of exceptionally high standards of design overall, and the contrast between the two styles adds visual interest to the development overall.


"Both dwellings would be of a strong and well realised design, with consistent architectural styles and high quality detailing."

The full plans can be viewed by using reference 24/0424/FUL on the Hertsmere Borough Council planning portal.

Herts Advertiser: Front elevations for the proposed homes in Shenley.Front elevations for the proposed homes in Shenley. (Image: Warner / Hertsmere Borough Council)

No objections have yet been made.