Two best friends from St Albans will feature in the BBC's latest series of Race Across The World.

Alfie and Owen, both aged 20, are best friends from school and will be racing to beat four other teams to a £20,000 cash prize.

In the show, teams of two must race to their destination without any smartphones, internet access or credit cards. They can use any mode of travel, apart from air travel, and are given a limited amount of cash to help them make their journey.

This year, as the show heads into its fourth series, the teams will be taking on a 15,000km route through several countries in Eastern Asia.


Starting in northern Japan, they must make it through several checkpoints before arriving at Lombok, an idyllic Indonesian island.

Alfie, a football referee, said they wanted to take part in the series because they're "both lovers of travelling and have done a little bit of travelling before but never done the whole backpacking, country-hopping situation".

On the restrictions they'll face during their travels, Owen, a trainee pilot, said: "It is going to be a challenge because it’s so easy just to look up a map on your phone and know exactly where you’re going and exactly how much it’s going to cost, so obviously we’re not going to have that.

"I also think travelling with just cash is going to be quite tricky."

You can see how Alfie and Owen get on in the first episode by tuning into BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday, April 10.