Katherine Warington School, in Harpenden, has been named 'Secondary School of the Year' for travel plans.

The National Modeshift STARS honour recognises effective travel plans in education, that have shown excellence in supporting sustainable travel to and from school.

Katherine Warington School has been involved in Modeshift STARS for the last 5 years, achieving a reduction in car use over that period.

Single car journeys have decreased from 22.63 per cent to 14 per cent during that time, while sustainable travel has increased from 48.86 per cent to 58.24 per cent.


To aid this increase, the school has offered a range of training programmes to pupils including bicycle training and independent travel initiatives.

Dean Inns, the school's business manager, said “We are delighted to have been recognised at a national level for the work and commitment we have put in to ensure students have safe and sustainable methods of travelling to school.

"We will continue to work to build on this success."