Plans have been submitted for a maths tuition provider to occupy an empty unit in St Albans city centre.

Advertisement consent and change of use permission is being sought by Mathnasium for the vacant spot at 15 Holywell Hill.

If accepted, the plans would see the sites usage chain from class E (commercial) to an educational centre.

One externally illuminated fascia sign, one non-illuminated fascia sign and one non-illuminated projecting sign are also included in the application.

A planning statement reads: "Mathnasium operate on a membership basis (rather like a gymnasium) and on average each student attends two - three times per week, for 60 to 90 minutes per visit. 

"With careful scheduling it is generally expected to have up to 100 students per day passing through the doors once the centre is at full capacity.

"There are in excess of approximately 15 Mathnasium centres operating in the UK, and more in the pipeline.


"In Mathnasium’s more established markets (US and Canada) retailers are now very aware of the 'Mathnasium effect' and new retailers are actively seeking out premises near to a Mathnasium Centre, as there is a marked upturn in 'pedestrian traffic' whenever a centre opens."

The plans can be viewed online by using reference 5/2024/0373 on the St Albans City & District Council planning portal.

Residents have until Friday, March 29, to add comments or objections to the proposal - none of which have yet been made.