Harpenden Musical Theatre Company is inviting audiences to step into the shadowy streets of Victorian London with Sweeney Todd.

The production of Stephen Sondheim's hit musical will take place at the Eric Morecambe Centre from March 20 to 23.

Tickets are available by calling the box office on 01582 767525 or at https://the-emc.co.uk/events/hmtc-sweeney-todd/.

The musical follows the story of Benjamin Barker, who was wrongfully sent to prison and re-emerges as the vengeful Sweeney Todd.

Herts Advertiser: Pirelli played by David KralPirelli played by David Kral (Image: Harpenden Musical Theatre Company)

With the help of accomplice Mrs Lovett, Todd embarks on a murderous quest to settle scores and restore justice - all served with a side of savoury pies.


A spokesperson for Harpenden Musical Theatre Company said: "Stephen Sondheim's haunting and beautiful score adds depth and emotion to every scene.

"From the sinister 'Epiphany' to the darkly comedic 'A Little Priest', the music will weave its way into your soul and leave an indelible mark.

"Sweeney Todd is not just a show; it's an experience that takes you on a journey into the depths of the human psyche, and a darkly captivating tale of love, revenge, and the price of obsession. So, whether you're a seasoned theatregoer or new to musicals, this will be a night you won't forget in a hurry.