Historical election corruption in St Albans will be explored in a new information panel in Sovereign Way.

In 1851, there was a political scandal in St Albans when it emerged most of the votes in a by-election for successful candidate Jacob Bell had been bought.

This led to an enquiry, which resulted in the constituency not being allowed a sitting MP for 30 years.

In August, artist Ant Steel was commissioned to paint a mural in Sovereign Way commemorating the events, as part of a project to revive the city's historic alleyways.

Dr John Morewood, president of St Albans & Hertfordshire Architectural & Archaeological Society (SAHAAS), will install an information panel, designed by Roy Bellamy and telling the story of the scandal, in Sovereign Way at 2pm on Tuesday, March 26.

Ant Steel will be a guest of honour and the public are welcome to attend.


Later that day, at 7pm, a re-enactment of the government enquiry into the scandal will take place at the Museum + Gallery.

The story will play out in the very courtroom where the inquiry took place, along with extracts from the debate in Parliament which led to the Corrupt Practice Act of 1852.

The entrance fee is £10. To book go to https://shop.stalbansmuseums.org.uk/products/corruption-in-st-albans.