Tripadvisor reviews have revealed the top five cafés in and around St Albans, offering insights to their delicacies, services, and atmosphere.

1. The Potting Shed Café

First on the list is The Potting Shed Café, located on 106 St Albans Road.

With 197 excellent reviews and a further 29 rating it as very good, this café certainly attracts quite a crowd.

Stalbansmumof2 praised the café on January 7 2024, saying: "11 of us turned up for brunch and were happily accommodated despite it already being quite busy.

"The food was so good and the service exceptional."

Helen W described it as an "Amazing award-winning café" on December 13 2023, also praising its effective service and management.

2. George Street Canteen

Next up is George Street Canteen, 9A George Street, which boasts 166 excellent reviews and 32 very good ratings.

A patron with the username Leanne W wrote on November 5 2023: "Very friendly, nice normal staff, homemade food, the sausage and sage sausage roll was divine.

"All in all a delightful place."

3. The Pudding Stop

The bronze medal goes to The Pudding Stop, on Verulam Road, with 353 excellent reviews and 121 very good ones.

Jojogodfrey declared on June 16 2023: "Omg they make the best brownies ever, this is my go-to place when I want a sweet treat or if I’m cheering myself up."

Similarly, clusgluk wrote on September 17 2022: "We loved this place so much, we went twice and our son and fiance went 3 times."

4. Toast

Fourth on the list is Toast, situated at 6 Waddington Road.

It raked in 52 excellent reviews and four very good ratings.

One reviewer, davidcS7003WR, said on December 14 2023: "Consistently good - have been here 10 plus times and it’s always been spot on.

"Great food, great service and great atmosphere!"

5. Street Café

Finally, Street Café, located at 13 Catherine Street, received 106 excellent and 22 very good ratings.

Wanderingwonderings penned on April 12 2023: "I had an amazing hot chocolate and the hedonist breakfast.

"The bill was very reasonable for the high-quality and portion size.

"I highly recommend this café to anyone in the area."

All cafés offer their unique touches, from The Pudding Stop's irresistible brownies and Toast's consistency to Street Café's exceptional hot chocolate, there's undoubtedly something for everyone.