Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, who recently announced his departure at the end of the season, has personally responded to a letter written on behalf of a St Albans care home resident. 

"Massive Liverpool fan" Neil - who lives with cerebral palsy - has been a resident of Abbots Care, on Campfield Road, for over eight years.

Care worker David shares "a unique bond with Neil", having met him in 2008 before joining the Abbots Care team in 2019.

Herts Advertiser: David and Neil, listening to a Liverpool match.David and Neil, listening to a Liverpool match. (Image: Abbots Care)

David ensures that Neil never misses a Liverpool match, tuning into TalkSport Radio for live coverage at every opportunity.

To surprise Neil, David wrote to Jürgen Klopp expressing their shared admiration for the team.

Herts Advertiser: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. (Image: Дмитрий Голубович on Creative Commons)

The Reds manager then personally responded, enclosing a signed picture as a gift.


David said: "I wrote a letter with a picture of Neil to Jürgen saying how much Neil loves what Jürgen has done at Liverpool, and what the team means to him.

Herts Advertiser: The signed image of Jurgen Klopp.The signed image of Jurgen Klopp. (Image: Abbots Care)

"I wanted to put pictures of Liverpool in Neil’s flat so new carers could maybe talk to Neil about his team.

"Neil loves to talk football. This will be even better as Neil will be very proud to talk about his signed picture!”

Herts Advertiser: The letter sent to Klopp, by Neil's carer David.The letter sent to Klopp, by Neil's carer David. (Image: Abbots Care)