St Albans City & District Council have agreed to stricter fly-tipping fines following a number of incidents in the area.

During a meeting of the local authority's public realm committee last Thursday (January 25), councillors agreed to increase fine levels for fly-tipping and "related duty of care offences".

Fines will be set on a sliding scale, based on the likely impact of each incident. A points system will be used to reflect the size and nature of each tip, along with environmental damage and commercial gain.

Fixed penalty notices will be increased to a maximum of £1,000 for the offence, having previously been set to £300 five years ago.

Herts Advertiser: The minimum fine for either offence will now be set at £400.The minimum fine for either offence will now be set at £400. (Image: Radar)

Duty of care offences - in which rubbish has been allowed to be taken away by someone without a waste carrier licence - are now punishable by fines of up to £600.

The minimum fixed penalty notice will be £400 for either offence.

The decision comes after a Watford removal service was ordered to pay £7,000 after they were successfully prosecuted for fly-tipping near Redbourn.

Earlier this month, a Letchworth man was also fined after a "large-scale" illegal dump in Coleman Green Lane.

Cllr Lynn Cunningham said: "Fly-tipping is a hazardous and selfish act that needlessly damages local communities, environments, and greenspaces.

“We are incredibly pleased that we have taken this step towards increasing fly-tipping fines, as we continue our work to keep St Albans clean and safe.’’

Councillor Helen Campbell, added: “I am pleased that the committee has agreed to raise the FPN (fixed penalty notice) fine for fly-tipping and I am sure the increase will be supported by our residents.


“There is no excuse for fly-tipping which is not only an eyesore but is also a serious public health risk, creating pollution and attracting rats and other vermin.

“It is also costly to clear-up, adding to the financial burdens that we are faced with as a council.

“I hope these increased fines will deter people from carrying out the offence and encourage them to check that anyone carrying out a rubbish clearance has a proper waste carrier licence.”