An artist's captivating mesh installation has taken over the historic Assembly Room of St Albans Museum + Gallery.

Internationally acclaimed artist, Rana Begum, who moved to St Albans from Bangladesh at a young age, has been wowing visitors with 'No. 670 Mesh', a part of her new solo exhibition, 'Ordered Form'.

Rana - who studied her foundation course at the University of Hertfordshire, a key formative experience in her artistic career - is now based in London.

She has returned to her former home city with her innovative artwork which is on display until March 17, and is constructed from a series of coloured modules which allow the piece to evolve with different configurations.

Originally made for a 2016 exhibition at Parasol Unit in London, the installation has since been on loan from the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich.

The site-specific installation, transforms the grandeur of the Assembly Room into an immersive sensory experience.

Herts Advertiser: Rana Begum: Ordered Form at St Albans Museum GalleryRana Begum: Ordered Form at St Albans Museum Gallery (Image: Rob Harris)

Begum said: "This work changes with every install, and a lot of planning and thought goes into each incarnation.

"Every time it is both thrilling and nerve-wracking, because, despite the planning, you never know what the final result will be.

"I’m excited by the finished piece and how the experience changes every time you see it, depending on the time of day and how the light hits the material.

"Areas of density allow the colours to layer and merge, creating a shifting surface that moves in and out of focus depending on your perspective.

"I love how participatory the work is, inviting the viewer to navigate through it and experience both a sense of wonder and peace."

Herts Advertiser: Begum: 'This work changes with every install, and a lot of planning and thought goes into each incarnation'Begum: 'This work changes with every install, and a lot of planning and thought goes into each incarnation' (Image: Rob Harris)

A special private view of the work was attended by the St Albans Mayor, local dignitaries, and representatives from the Sainsbury Centre, the British Museum, and Arts Council.

There are resources, workshops, and events centred around the exhibition, including a special online and in-person artist’s talk with Rana Begum on Thursday, March 14 at 7pm.

The exhibition (curated by UH Arts + Culture) at St Albans Museum + Gallery reflects Begum's approach to art, focusing on light, colour, shape, and form, and runs daily from 11am to 5pm.