This week, I truly believe that the Conservative government crossed a line with their "Rwanda plan".

It’s the line between having a truthful government that abides by the rule of law and one that frankly does not.

Prime Minister Rishi said that we should judge him on a handful of key policies. One of them was about asylum seekers coming over in small boats.

Herts Advertiser: (Image: Daisy Cooper MP)

The British public has been concerned about the huge backlog of asylum seekers and refugees being housed in hotels across the country, largely but not just because of the great cost of using hotels. And so, Rishi Sunak claimed this month to have ‘cleared the backlog.'

But, when Lib Dems asked the UK Statistics Authority to look into this claim, its chair responded this week and slammed the Prime Minister, saying that voters may have been “misled” and Sunak’s untrue claim could damage “public trust”.

The reality is that thousands of vulnerable people are still living in limbo as they wait for their claims to be processed. The government is failing on the basic task of processing asylum seekers.

But worse than misleading the public, this week the government tried and succeeded to legislate that "black was white", according to a former judge.

For two years the government has wanted to immediately deport asylum seekers who arrive by small boat to Rwanda: to have their asylum decisions processed under Rwanda's legal system and to remain there, even if their claims are successful.

But last November, British courts said the government's plans were unlawful because Britain couldn't send refugees to anywhere that wasn't a "safe country."

The government has spent almost half a billion pounds on this "Rwanda Plan" - even though it's illegal and impractical. So this week, the government introduced a new law to simply declare that Rwanda is safe after all.

Let's be clear, this should be chilling not just for refugees but for all of us. The government tried to do something and was told by the courts that it was illegal, so they made a law to say it was legal if the Conservatives wanted to do it.

Sunak once promised "integrity". What we’re seeing now is anything but.