The Liberal Democrats are set to be victorious in Harpenden and Berkhamsted according to "the most detailed survey in five years".

The MRP poll by YouGov has found that the Conservatives would narrowly lose the seat to Lib Dem candidate Victoria Collins if an election were held now.

The poll also found that the Liberal Democrats would win 48 seats at the next General Election.

Responding to the results, Liberal Democrat candidate for Harpenden & Berkhamsted, Victoria Collins said: “People in Harpenden & Berkhamsted deserve better and this poll shows that thousands of voters are crying out for real change after being taken for granted by this Conservative government. 

Herts Advertiser: Victoria Collins, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Harpenden and Berkhamsted.Victoria Collins, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Harpenden and Berkhamsted. (Image: Courtesy of Victoria Collins)

“Sadly, Conservative MPs are too busy fighting with themselves to care for our area.

"We shouldn’t be in a situation where local families can’t get a GP appointment, water companies get away with dumping sewage in our chalk streams and canal, and people can’t afford the basics.

"We need a change - and this poll confirms that voting for the Liberal Democrats is the best way to deliver it.

“While the Conservative Party could not be more out of touch, the Liberal Democrats are campaigning hard for a fair deal.

"As our area's next MP, I would stand up for Harpenden, Berkhamsted, Tring and the surrounding villages and give local people the voice that they need and deserve.”

The Conservative Party's Bim Afolami is currently the Member of Parliament for Hitchin & Harpenden.

However, the independent Boundary Commission have announced that the Hitchin & Harpenden constituency will be abolished at the next General Election, due to take no later than January 28, 2025.

Instead, Hitchin will have its own constituency and Harpenden will be paired with Berkhamsted.

Herts Advertiser: Nigel Gardner, the Conservative candidate for Harpenden & Berkhamsted.Nigel Gardner, the Conservative candidate for Harpenden & Berkhamsted. (Image: Courtesy of Nigel Gardner)

The Conservative Party's candidate for Harpenden & Berkhamsted, Nigel Gardner, said: "The only poll that matters is the votes of the good people of Harpenden and Berkhamsted, and our beautiful villages, on election day – whenever that comes.

"What is clear from this poll and on the doorsteps is that there are many people who voted Conservative in the past who are not happy with the government, and many who are undecided.  

"I really want to try and reach out to them.


"Because the choice at the next election will be between going back to square one with Labour’s £28 billion a year in taxes because they have no plan for how to pay for their unfunded spending, Labour’s cuts to pension allowances, and Labour’s VAT on school fees.  

"Or what I would like to see – which is middle ground common sense Conservatism – bringing lower taxes, real improvements to the NHS, and protecting our green belt.

"Voting in Labour, propped up by the Lib Dems, will I fear quickly lead to buyer’s remorse – as our wallets and bank accounts get mauled."