A Hertfordshire pasta factory will feature tonight on BBC’s Inside the Factory with Gregg Wallace.

The TV chef visited the Dell’Ugo facility in Hertsmere Industrial Park as part of his documentary series exploring how our favourite products are made.

The factory employs 180 people and makes 500 million stuffed pasta parcels a year.

In the episode, Wallace tours the factory and learns how the pasta maker creates its ravioli stuffed with crayfish and crab sourced from Cromer in Norfolk.

Herts Advertiser: Gregg Wallace at the Dell'Ugo factory in Borehamwood.Gregg Wallace at the Dell'Ugo factory in Borehamwood. (Image: BBC)

The BBC visited the factory in Borehamwood as part of the ninth season of the documentary which will air at 9pm on BBC Two this evening (January 16).

A preview clip shows Wallace being taught how to throw a ravioli parcel at the wall to test if it has been pasteurised enough, who then exclaims: “This may be the most fun I've ever had in a factory.”

Herts Advertiser: The production line at the Borehamwood factory.The production line at the Borehamwood factory. (Image: Dell'Ugo)

Dell’Ugo is the largest producer of fresh pasta in the UK and has been family-owned for four generations. 

It was the first pasta maker to introduce gnocchi to the UK over 20 years ago and has created the first stuffed-pasta to be “free from” the main 14 allergens.