Parking wardens in St Albans have been equipped with battery-powered e-bikes for patrols.

This forms part of a wider move by the district council's parking services team to battery-powered transport, aimed at reducing harmful emissions.

Civil enforcement officers and maintenance crews will use the new eco-friendly vehicles, instead of the previously used hybrid or diesel motors.

The fleet now includes an MG4 hatchback, two Peugeot e-Partner, and one Peugeot e-Expert vans, all entirely electric.

The initiative aligns with the Council's pledge to reach net zero emissions district-wide by 2030.

Councillor Helen Campbell, chair of the Public Realm Committee, said: "I am delighted that our parking services team are reducing emissions with this move to sustainable all-electric transport.

"Our priority as a council is to improve the district’s environment and this is one of dozens of measures we are taking to fulfil that goal.

"I know from talking to the staff that they are right behind this policy. 

"I am sure our residents will support this effort to move away from fossil fuels towards all-electric equipment and transport."

The cost of the new all-electric vehicles is within Parking Service’s approved budget and the old vehicles have been returned to the leaseholder.