With the cold, wet weather, there has been an increase in potholes on Hertfordshire's roads, so can drivers claim compensation from the local authority for damage caused to their vehicles?

Well, drivers can claim compensation from Hertfordshire County Council - the local authority responsible for maintaining the county's roads - but the claim is unlikely to be successful.

A spokesperson for the local authority explained: "We investigate all claims for damage caused by potholes. However, we are only required to pay compensation where there is evidence that we are in breach of our legal duties. For example, if we have failed to follow our own maintenance policies.

"We will not pay out on claims where we are not at fault. As a result, most claims we receive are rejected."

On its website, the county council also warns that "any compensation paid out from public money takes funds away from important frontline services".

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The county council responds to reported faults depending on priority.

Timescales include dealing with emergency or urgent works within two to 24 hours, and making a permanent pothole repair within five to 20 working days, "if the pothole meets intervention levels".

Non-emergency works is "logged and assessed to be included in regular maintenance works, if possible", the county council says, adding that severe weather may cause a delay in these timescales.