Campaigners have handed a petition to St Albans MP Daisy Cooper, calling for asking her to back a council-led, street-by-street insulation programme and a renewable energy system.

An event organised by St Albans District Friends of the Earth took place at St Albans' clock tower at the weekend, in which a number of organisations called for the rapid roll-out of home insulation.

The MP for St Albans described the situation as "utterly unacceptable".

Daisy Cooper MP said: “Too many people here in St Albans are being forced to choose between staying warm or feeding their families.

Herts Advertiser: Daisy Cooper MP inspecting the quilt.Daisy Cooper MP inspecting the quilt. (Image: Callum Heron)

"That's why I've added my voice to the calls of St Albans and District Friends of the Earth, to call for an urgent home insulation programme. 

''This programme will not only see local houses become more climate friendly, but more energy efficient.

"This will see a reduction in costs to residents and the earth alike.''

In preparation for the day of action, groups across St Albans District created a patchwork quilt to symbolise "the pressing need to deliver on warm homes".

Herts Advertiser: The quilt, created by those across the St Albans district.The quilt, created by those across the St Albans district. (Image: Callum Heron)

Amanda Yorwerth, coordinator of St Albans District Friends of the Earth, said: “We’re thrilled that so many people went to so much effort to help create our Warm Homes Community Quilt.

"It just goes to show how deeply people care about this issue, not least because it’s our neighbours and communities that are suffering.

"We have squares from elderly people worried about their bills, children worried about the planet and even from a midwife concerned about the effect of cold homes on babies.


“Nearly two years down the road, we’re still no closer to addressing the root causes of our sky-high bills – our heat-leaking homes and reliance on costly gas.

"This is a travesty for those who have already come through one incredibly difficult winter, and are facing down another.

“Everyone deserves to live in a warm, comfortable home and have their basic needs met.

"That’s why we must see the rapid roll out of a street-by-street insulation programme in St Albans and across the country, to bring down bills for once and for all."