Hairdressers Snips of Harpenden has closed its doors after 49 years in the town.

The business, at 11a Leyton Road, announced its closure via social media on Saturday (November 25).

Tony Seabrook purchased Snips barbers when he was 19 years old. He later bought ladies' salon Charms, in 1982, and brought it under the Snips name.

Tony and his wife Sue are now retiring, and The Hertfordshire Centre For Dentistry will be taking over the premises - having operated upstairs in recent years.

Tony told The Herts Advertiser: "We have lots of wonderful memories and, being a Harpenden staple for so many years, of course some of these include some famous and some infamous Harpenden residents!

"Mostly though, our memories are of being a nice community-based salon where we have welcomed and watched our customers’ families grow, some of these families have been coming to us for four generations.

"We have also in recent years become a hub and a haven for dogs and their owners/walkers, with many of our favourite furry friends directing their walkers to our doors and inviting themselves in for treats and tickles."

Tony described his retirement plans and what will become of the Snips of Harpenden site.

He continued: "We semi-retired a few years ago and are now looking forward to enjoying full-time retirement!

"In recent years, the dentist above us has been asking us about our plans, wondering whether our daughter, Opal, would be taking over the business.


"Having grown up in the Snips family, she’s now wanting to focus more on her glass art with a hairdressing side-line.

"So, we’ve agreed with the dentist for him to take over the leases of both the ladies and the barbers salons, and integrate the premises into the Hertfordshire Centre for Dentistry."

The premises at 11a Leyton Road has been a barbers since 1934, and was initially owned by a Mr Gaskin for almost 30 years.

Mr Abrams then owned the property, before Ian Breed, who sold it to Tony Seabrook in 1974.