A Hertfordshire police officer has been dismissed for gross misconduct following a number of allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards female officers.

Facing a police misconduct panel on Tuesday, November 14, a number of allegations were proved against PC Christopher Kelly.

Kelly attended Gosling Training Centre in Welwyn Garden City, between May 3 and 28 July 2022.

A report, published yesterday (Monday, November 27), described how, while there, he changed the seating plans so that he sat next to two female colleagues.

In two further incidents, Kelly also commented that a female officer from another class had "a banging body but an ugly face", and looked around at other male officers and smirked when a female with blonde hair was delivering a presentation.

On 8 July 2022, following a Stop and Search scenario, he said: "Did anyone see the ginger girl doing the drug search? She was so fit".

Witness statements provided within the report claimed that Kelly had referred to his colleagues as "a worldie", "wifie material" and "10 out of 10".

While looking her up and down, it was also alleged that Kelly had told a female officer that he did not recognise her in her uniform, and "bet you are good at everything".

He reportedly then positioned himself to face the individual during a bleep test.

In a similar bleep test incident, it was alleged that Kelly told a female officer "I bet you have great stamina elsewhere. I bet you could go for hours".

Kelly reportedly made a habit of parking his car close the colleague at Gosling Sports Centre.

Another witness claimed that Kelly had asked her to go the cinema with him and added that she could "share his popcorn as long as it was in his lap".

He also "frequently winked" at the witness, and told her that she was hot.

The report continues: "The panel considered this to be a serious case of repeated misogyny and inappropriate behaviour towards female officers which occurred in their workplace, where they should feel safe and free from any form of harassment, including from persistent unwanted attention...

"The panel concluded that the only appropriate outcome was dismissal without notice."

When approached for comment, Hertfordshire Constabulary's chief constable Charlie Hall praised those who spoke against PC Kelly.

He said: "There is no place for the likes of Kelly in Hertfordshire Constabulary. 


"Abuse towards women perpetrated by a police officer in whatever setting, and whether on or off duty, will always harm public confidence in policing and is counter to the values of modern policing and the Standards of Professional Behaviour.

“I take reassurance that Kelly’s entirely inappropriate behaviour was recognised by his colleagues, both male and female, at an early stage during training and they had the courage to call it out and report it. 

"I applaud their actions- especially as many of them were young in service and much younger than Kelly. 

"Their actions represent exactly what we expect to see in policing, Kelly’s precisely the opposite.”